Safety Seminar Spring 2017

This semester, Professor Raluca Scarlat will be running a weekly seminar on laboratory safety.

Students can register for a one-unit independent research credit in Professor Scarlat’s group. This is open to graduate and undergraduate researchers, postdocs, visiting researchers, staff, and anybody else who is interested. There are no prerequisites. If you currently do laboratory work for a research group, or would be interested in some day doing experimental research, then you will find this seminar useful.

We will meet once a week on Fridays, 4-4.50pm, in 1307 ERB, starting the second week of class. The first meeting will be January 27th, 2017. Everyone is welcome to join. Here is the schedule of topics for the semester.

Snacks will be provided.

Seminar structure:

Each of you will sign up for a seminar date, and a type of hazard. You will have to do the following for your presentation:

  • Compile resource materials.
  • Find a group or a shared facility on campus and interview them, to learn how they manage that hazard.
  • Give us a presentation on what you learned.

Your final assignment, at the end of the semester, will be:

  • Find a research group that agrees for you to do a safety walk-through of one of their labs. Based on what you’ve learned throughout the semester, you’ll do a lab walk-through write-up with recommendations for areas of improvement and a list of relevant resources.

The purpose of this seminar is to make all graduate and undergraduate researchers aware of laboratory safety, and also to for you to meet each other, and to create a community that you will hopefully find useful throughout your research career at UW.

And don’t forget to join