Elevated Work

Page prepared by: Alex Ames

[Disclaimer: this page is not intended as an exhaustive list of resources or a complete training on this hazard. Its purpose is to provide a starting point for learning about this hazard.]

  • In many if not most cases in laboratory settings, elevated work takes place on ladders, lifts, scaffolding, or other non-permanent structures.
  • Elevated work is often non-standard: whether construction, repair, retrofitting, or inspection, it may be very infrequent and difficult to include in regular safety training programs.
  • Risks can be challenging to anticipate given the non-standard nature of the work.

Training and work practices should include:

  • Instruction on safe use of ladders (elevation & weight restrictions, stability)
  • Supervision by experienced personnel
  • Installation of guards and railings where necessary
  • Replacement of temporary platforms with permanent structures when allowable

Useful resources

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