Safety Topics

 Here is a (not exhaustive) list of safety topics relevant to the experimental work in the EP department. As a researcher, it’s your responsibility to identify hazards and the relevant resources for your laboratory work – this list was compiled for you as a starting point in your research on this topic. The resources are by no means complete, and my contain errors.

[These resources were compiled by the attendees of the Spring 2017 EP Safety Seminar attendees.]

  1. Machine Shop mechanical hazards sharps glass
  2. Electrical – high voltage
  3. Electrical – low voltage
  4. Fire – flammables, general response
  5. Fire & explosions – chemical fire (e.g. Lithium fires) – specific
  6. Chemical Safety
  7. Chemical Disposal
  8. Respiratory hazards – particulates, beryllium
  9. Toxic gases
  10. Compressed gases
  11. High temperature – burn hazards, structural integrity with differential thermal expansion, pressurization risks
  12. Ergonomics, trip hazards, bump hazards
  13. Laser, and light sources
  14. Radiation safety – rad sources, x-ray
  15. Heavy machinery, heavy equipment, lifting moving, crane operation
  16. Bio hazards
  17. Noise
  18. High-elevation work  – latter safety, tall structures
  19. Structural integrity and safety – building scaffolding
  20. Evacuation, building safety, egress lab, flood
  21. Confined spaces
  22. Vacuum
  23. High pressure – depressurization
  24. Waste disposal
  25. Training & configuration control
  26. Natural disasters, armed assailant, black-out
  27. Cybersecurity
  28. Emergency response in a laboratory – alarms, shut-off
  29. First aid – AED
  30. General laboratory principles
  31. [please contribute to this list – contact Raluca Scarlat, or]

 General Resources 

In the Engineering Physics Department

  • Your colleagues & all faculty in the department – join (it’s a chat platform that you can download on your phone and computer)
  • Raluca Scarlat chairs the department safety committee, 921 ERB, 608-890-4256. Oliver Schmitz, Ray Fonk, Kumar Sridharan, and Riccardo Bonnazza are the other members of the safety committee.
  • Paul Brooks is the building manager for ERB, 735 ERB, 608-444-4381. Know the building manager in the other buildings where you work.

At UW Madison

State level

Federal level

Other specialized organizations, world-wide, and web-wide